Hi, I´m Sven.
Born on December 2nd in 1965, I began my work as a photographer assistent in the early nineties,
working freelanced for several fashion photographers. 
At that time everybody was shooting in the USA, mostly Miami and the Arizona deserts.
After 5 years of travelling all over northern america, I was looking for a change. I went back to
Germany, where I found Still- and Interiorphotographers to work for. With that additional experience I
finished my work as an assistent and began working as a freelance photographer.
Today my clients benefit from this wide qualification. My work for many different clients reflects this
broadness. Multiplicity is an essential feature for my work, no stereotyped thinking at any chance.
I'm living with my family in Hamburg, working in the studio, but still doing phototrips from time to time,
always in search for that special shot.
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